Why Choose HR999?


Employment Law and ACAS codes of conduct apply to all businesses, but not all companies have the resource, or the need, for this to be provided on a full time basis and that is where HR999 can help.   

Unlike the larger consultancy organisations, you are not tied in to a contract for a long period of time. Should you decide to take a retainer with HR999, the longest you will be asked to commit to is 6 months and this is renewed on a rolling 6 month basis.    

As well as providing policies and procedures, HR999 coaches line managers in their use as well as being available to deal with any problems, questions or queries: this can be either on the phone or on site, or both.   

You will receive actual advice and depending on the level of support chosen, onsite support to implement that advice should you need it. At HR999 we believe in the personal touch. We will get to know you and your business and provide pragmatic, non-jargon advice to minimise your risk.